One of my favorite hikes in Telluride is the Deep Creek Trail

Wed Jul. 02, 2014

One of my favorite hikes in Telluride is the Deep Creek Trail, which starts near the airport and goes directly into the town of Telluride (or vice versa). Even though it’s approximately 10 miles long and it takes a half a day to do, it is worth every step of the way! I normally hike it along with my nine-year-old Golden Retriever, named Moorea.  It’s a great escape to be walking through towering Aspen Trees and then entering wide-open meadows. The open meadows always have spectacular, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Even though I’ve lived in Telluride almost my entire life, I still bring my camera along to take snapshots because there’s always a new perspective of beauty I find along the way. I recommend doing this hike either in the middle of July, when the wildflowers are abundant and vivid, or hiking it in September and into October, when the Aspen Tree leaves are at full golden glow. The pictures above I took from the Deep Creek Trail.