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Telluride Summertime Love!

My favorite time of year in Telluride!  Summer!  It brings warmer weather and clear skies, perfect for exploring the pristine hiking trails and biking trails that start right from the valley floor and right out the front door of Hotel Columbia. Winter’s runoff has unveiled a playground for boaters, rafters and fly fishers starting from the San Miguel River that runs right by Hotel Columbia.  Over the past week, I have played a magnificent 18 hole golf course with the most spectacular views, stand up paddle boarded a mountain lake at 10,000 feet, hiked to over a dozen waterfalls that magically appeared with winter’s run off, biked along the banks of the San Miguel and dined under the setting sun at my favorite restaurants!  There is never a shortage of fun to be had in Telluride!  These summer days just keep me smiling.  What’s not to smile about!  Come out and see for yourself!

Relaxing Mountain Style!

Coming Back To Telluride!

Driving through the mountains in the fall has always been one of my favorite things to do in Colorado, especially in the southwest. The golden aspens and sporadic rainbows build the anticipation of arriving to this small gem hidden in the San Juan’s that I am lucky enough to call home…Telluride. After spending the past year traveling in South America,...


Fall Foliage in Telluride—The Gold Season

As festival season comes to a close, the colors of Fall provide a show of their own! The many aspen groves throughout the San Juan Mountains transform from a vibrant green to brilliant yellows and gold. Find variations of color as you tour the scenic San Juan Skyway. Typically, Fall colors starts in mid to late-September and last for a couple of...


Mushroom Hunting

It's August in Telluride and that means fresh, wild
mushroooms. This weekend is the annual Mushroom Festival, a great chance to learn about our local fungi and to gather with seasoned locals and visitors. An interesting blend of experts and novice pickers, like myself. It's just the beginning of the season for us and the pickings will be good for at...


Fly Fishing in Telluride

It's that time of year, winter runoff has ended and afternoon showers bring refreshment to area lakes and streams. It's the season for fly fishing in South Western Colorado. Right outside our door is some of the best fishing in the state. We have the San Miguel River, just steps away, along with the Dolores and Gunnison Rivers: not to mention numerous...


Mindy’s Favorite Summer Activity

There is no summer activity in Telluride better than hiking, and what better way to hike then with a trusty friend by your side. My dog Hobbs and I love to hike the trail to Bear Creek Falls, and the trailhead is just a short walk away from the hotel.  The trail is a gradual ascent that suits everyone, no matter your level of fitness. It is a very popular...



Telluride was recently voted one of the Best American Cities for Foodies by Conde Nast readers!  As someone who loves and appreciates food, I could not agree more with this acknowledgement.  I am not much of a chef personally, but I have a tremendous appreciation for the outstanding chefs in this town.  Of course, one of my favorites is the Cosmopolitan...


One of my favorite hikes in Telluride is the Deep Creek Trail

One of my favorite hikes in Telluride is the Deep Creek Trail, which starts near the airport and goes directly into the town of Telluride (or vice versa). Even though it’s approximately 10 miles long and it takes a half a day to do, it is worth every step of the way! I normally hike it along with my nine-year-old Golden Retriever, named Moorea.  It’s a...


Staff Favorites: Winter Activities - David

The Telluride AIDS Benefit (TAB) has become a staple of the winter social scene in Telluride.  It’s a week long event with festivities ranging from Oscar parties to silent auctions, and of course the Gala Fashion Show.  Proceeds from TAB’s events go directly to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, educational programs and client care.  The fashion show is...


Staff Favorites: Winter Activities - Margarita

Margarita’s Favorite Winter Activity: Sledding

My favorite winter activity is sledding! It is an easy activity to gear up for and there are plenty of exciting hills to find around Telluride. All it requires are some warm clothes, a fast sled, and of course your family and friends to share the fun and laughter with.

Being brought up in Telluride,...


Staff Favorites: Winter Activities - Brigitte

Brigitte’s Favorite Winter Activity: Skating in the Town Park

Skiing is the most obvious winter-time activity in Telluride, but with my three boys we probably skate at the Town Park as much as we ski. I have three little hockey players and whether we are practicing Hockey at the covered, refrigerated, NHL size Hanley Rink in Town Park or free skating...

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