Meet Our Team
Rachel Loomis-Lee Rachel Loomis-Lee, General Manager
Tough and lovely at the same time, with all matters of business and heart she is the one to talk to. Self proclaimed next wonder of the world. When not at the helm of Hotel Columbia, you can find her wandering through the woods, skiing, paddle boarding, road biking, running, fishing, kayaking...pretty much doing anything but sitting still.
Mindy Smith Mindy Smith, Assistant Manager
Calm, cool and collected, Mindy is always willing to lend the guests a hand, an ear, or a quick smile.She lives for adventure and loves to swap stories, from sailing in the Caribbean to her favorite hiking or fly fishing spots here in the San Juans. You’ll almost always see her with her constant companion Hobbs.
Margarita dePagter Margarita dePagter
Don’t be fooled by the quiet and calm exterior of this smart and graceful girl. Our in house firecracker! Margarita is our native of Telluride and can always be caught laughing and enjoying herself; yet she still understands how to get the job done. Dependable, helpful, a definite go to girl for anything!
Benjamin Pettinos Benjamin Pettinos
Always keeps his cool and keeps the reception running harmoniously. Hardworking, very friendly and loved by the guests...comfortable in serving you the hot cup of coffee in the mornings or checking you in with his vibrant personality. Fabulous addition to the Hotel Columbia family.
Johnathon Vise Johnathon Vise
Born and raised in the desert, his dislike for the 100 degree temperatures drove him to the Mountains of Colorado.When he is not working or recovering rigorous mountain activities, he spends most of his time trying to decipher the tax code and preparing for grad school. A real gentleman, defining what it takes and means to take responsibility.
Travis Tayrien Travis Tayrien
It’s hard to say who is responsible for his calm, collective coolness, while at the same time being so eager to learn and easy-going. This dude just smiles. Drop all the plates? He’ll smile. Winter for 11 months? He’ll smile. World ending tomorrow? He’ll smile. You get the idea.
Hobbs HOBBS, Pet Friendly Liason
Born in Helena, Montana, Hobbs has been with Hotel Columbia all of his 6.5 years. When he’s not napping in the office he enjoys greeting guests and their furry companions. His friendly demeanor makes anyone feel right at home with us here in Telluride.
301 West San Juan Avenue 81435 Telluride, CO