Ice Climbing in Telluride

Ice Climbing is the latest fad in Telluride! Surrounded by stunning cliffs and waterfalls, Telluride and the surrounding communities are a mecca for ice climbers in North America.

Ice Climbing in Telluride

Ice, Ice Baby

Waterfalls aren't just for the summer anymore. During the winter, waterfalls in Telluride are great for ice climbing! There is a variety of terrain for all different skill levels, and there are also guides in town who can guide you on your icy adventures. Don't hesitate to ask the staff at the Hotel Columbia about booking a reservation with a local company or renting gear. 

Places to go:

  • Bear Creek Falls - difficult
  • Lower Ames - beginner
  • Ames Ice Hose¬†- difficult
  • Bridal Veil Falls - difficult
  • Ingram Falls - difficult
  • Ouray Ice Park - all levels