Patagonia Telluride

The Gucci of Mountain Wear

Counter to widely-held beliefs, Telluride does, in fact, have a few chain stores. One of the original outdoor clothing manufacturers, Patagonia, is located at the corner of Colorado and Fir. Dubbed "Patagucchi", the brand has lately become a fashion fixation from Manhattanites to the college crowd. The products are top-notch, but Patagonia is more concerned with reducing carbon footprints and using recycled materials than becoming a staple on 5th Avenue.


Our local store located at the corner of Colorado and Fir carries the ubiquitous puffy jacket in assorted weights and styles along with shorts, t-shirts, Capilene layers, and of course, fleece pullovers. Duffel bags, water bottles, and backpacks are also on display.