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Things To Do in Telluride

There is an abundance of year-round activities to do in Telluride. Those seeking adventure can partake in hiking, biking, fishing, golfing and of course, skiing and snowboarding. The world-renowned Telluride Ski Resort offers some of the most sought-after ski terrain in North America, which is perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you prefer to be part of a group activity or want to leave logistics to an expert, there are guides available for Jeep tours, rafting excursions, fly-fishing and climbing (rock and ice)! Two of the newest activities to try are paddling the San Miguel or high alpine lake on a SUP board and crossing the Via Ferrata, a path of iron rungs 200 feet off the ground! Whatever level of activity you desire, the Hotel Columbia staff is happy to assist.

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    • A skier descends a snowy slope with trees and mountains in the background.
    • Winter Activities

    Skiing & Snowboarding

    About the Telluride Ski Resort

    The Telluride Ski Resort has been named the #1 ski resort in North America by Condé Nast for six of the past seven years - and for good reason. Since it opened in 1972, the Telluride Ski Resort has expanded and become a world-renowned ski and snowboarding destination.

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    • Person skiing down a snowy slope with mountains and a town in the background.
    • Winter Activities

    The Terrain

    There is a wide range of terrain at the Telluride Ski Resort. Of the 148 total trails, 23% are beginner, 36% are intermediate and 41% are advanced or expert. There are 17 lifts that serve these trails, which have a maximum elevation of 13,150 feet. In addition to the trails, there is a ski school, terrain parks, and plenty of inbounds hike-to terrain to challenge yourself.

    • A person is ice climbing on a frozen waterfall using ice axes and crampons.
    • Winter Activities

    Ice Climbing

    Ice, Ice Baby

    Waterfalls aren't just for the summer anymore. During the winter, waterfalls in Telluride are great for ice climbing! There is a variety of terrain for all different skill levels, and there are also guides in town who can guide you on your icy adventures. Don't hesitate to ask the staff at the Hotel Columbia about booking a reservation with a local company or renting gear.

    Places to go:

    • Bear Creek Falls - difficult
    • Lower Ames - beginner
    • Ames Ice Hose - difficult
    • Bridal Veil Falls - difficult
    • Ingram Falls - difficult
    • Ouray Ice Park - all levels
    • A group of people with a snowmobile are enjoying winter sports together.
    • Winter Activities


    Take a Day Off From Skiing

    A snowmobile tour of Telluride is the perfect way to spend a day off from skiing. Spend a half day or a full day exploring snow-covered meadows near Telluride or embark on a longer trip to Dunton Hot Springs. All skill levels are accommodated on snowmobile rides in Telluride and provide views of the Wilson Range, Dolores peaks, Little Cone, Lone Cone, the Sneffels Range and the La Sal Mountains of Utah.

    • Two horses pull a sleigh with people through a snowy landscape.
    • Winter Activities

    Sleigh Ride

    Dashing Through the Snow

    You'll be talking about your sleigh ride in Telluride for days. Whether you choose a more traditional sleigh ride or a modern one complete with drinks and food, this adventure will be one for the memory books.

    • Telluride Sleighs and Wagons - Take a journey on the back of a sleigh to the historic Aldasoro Ranch, where you will get to enjoy cocktails and a delicious meal on an old sheep ranch.
    • Telluride Wranglers - Located just 20 minutes from Telluride, Telluride Wranglers offers horse-drawn sleigh rides for small and large groups on the Wilson Mesa.
    • Telluride Horseback Adventures - Owned by local cowboy Roudy Roudebush, this Norwood outfit offers a 10-person sleigh ride pulled by Clyde and Frank, two Belgian draft horses.
    • Two hikers with backpacks in a snowy forest landscape.
    • Winter Activities


    Trekking Through the Snow

    Whether you prefer to go backcountry snowshoeing or travel on some well-known groomed trails, it's always an adventure. The Hotel Columbia can help you book a guided trip (group or private) or help arrange snowshoe rentals to explore on your own.

    Our favorite places:

    • Mountain Village Nordic and Snowshoe Groomed Trails
    • Trout Lake and Priest Lake Groomed Trails
    • Top-A-Ten
    • Alta Lakes
    • Three sled dogs are harnessed in snow, likely part of a dog sledding team.
    • Winter Activities

    Dog Sledding


    There's only one dogsled tour in the Telluride area, making this trip a highly sought-after adventure throughout the winter. Wintermoon Sled Dog Adventures offer half-day, full-day and overnight adventures with their pups. Please let the concierge at the Hotel Columbia know in advance if you'd like to book a dogsledding tour so they can ensure you get a spot.

    • Three people in snow gear are hiking in a snowy mountain landscape.
    • Winter Activities

    Backcountry Skiing

    This Is What You've Been Waiting For

    Backcountry skiing can be extremely rewarding and absolutely dreamy, but it can also be dangerous. Telluride is known for its steep terrain and is very prone to avalanches, so it is recommended that all backcountry adventurers are comfortable skiing black diamonds. If you want to try it out but aren't sure about doing it on your own, hire a guide! Our Hotel Columbia concierge can direct you to the best ones in town to guarantee a safe and fabulous backcountry skiing experience.

    Places we like to backcountry ski:

    • Bear Creek - technically the "sidecountry", this area is accessed from the Telluride Ski Resort. It is prone to avalanches, so please be wary of conditions before venturing in this area.
    • Alta Lakes - Skiing is extremely diverse in this area and can be accessed from the Telluride Ski Resort's Prospect/Black Iron Bowl ridge.
    • Ophir - This is a popular spot for locals and requires skinning up the mountain to gain access to the epic runs.
    • Twilight at a cozy ice rink in a festive village square with buildings around.
    • Winter Activities

    Ice Skating

    Fun For Everyone!

    Families of all ages can enjoy this winter pastime in Telluride. Whether you are looking for a day off from skiing or simply itching to zoom around the resurfaced ice, there are multiple places to choose from to ice skate in Telluride.

    Where to go:

    • Hanley Ice Rink - This is a full-size hockey rink located indoors in Town Park. It is only open in the winter and also is the home of the intramural ice hockey league. Rentals are available at the Telluride Nordic Center in Town Park.
    • Outdoor Town Park Rink - This outdoor rink is located in Town Park and also has a warming hut and bathrooms. It is generally open from mid-December to mid-February. Rentals are available at the Telluride Nordic Center.
    • Mountain Village Ice Rink - Located in the heart of Mountain Village, this outdoor ice rink is open daily during the winter season. Rentals are available onsite, and drinks and food are just steps away!
    • A child in warm winter clothes sits on a sled in the snow.
    • Winter Activities


    Affordable and Fun!

    Sledding in Telluride is an affordable way to have fun in the winter! The best place to partake in the action is on Firecracker Hill, which is located on the southern side of Telluride's Town Park. The sledding hill is labeled with cones. Sleds can be rented at the Telluride Nordic Center or purchased at the Ace Hardware in town.

    • An orange fat tire bike leans on a pole in a snow-covered landscape with mountains in the background.
    • Winter Activities

    Fat Biking

    Take on the Snow!

    Fat bikes can handle pretty much anything wintertime can throw at you - from snow to mud, streams and more.

    Our favorite places:

    • Valley Floor - The Valley Floor makes for a great ride in the winter! Cruise down the trail while admiring the scenery around you.
    • Town of Telluride - Cruise around town on a fresh layer of snow with a fat bike! It's definitely more fun than walking.
    • A helicopter lands on snowy terrain with the sun gleaming behind.
    • Winter Activities


    Take Your Skiing to the Next Level

    Since 1992, Telluride Helitrax has been taking skiing trips to the next level. Trip styles can be customized by guests and may include anything from a day trip to a custom, multi-day package. Each day includes six runs, which total approximately 10,000-14,000 feet. The day generally begins with a safety meeting and ends with après ski! All equipment needed, including powder skis, poles, avalanche transceiver, food and water, are included

    • People are cross-country skiing in a snowy landscape dotted with evergreen trees.
    • Winter Activities

    Nordic Skiing

    For Skiers Who Love Horizontal Surfaces

    While not as adrenaline-inducing as skiing downhill, Nordic skiing can be a huge rush and a great way to get exercise. The Telluride Nordic Association takes great care of the Nordic skiing trails in Telluride, and also grooms and maintains the trail systems at Trout Lake and Priest Lake.