Kool: Snowy Owl

(Horizontal Deep Blue)

by Robert Wilson

Introducing "Kool: Snowy Owl (Horizontal Blue)" by renowned American artist Robert Wilson, a captivating piece that graces the lobby of Hotel Columbia in Telluride, this artwork immerses viewers in an enchanting visual experience.

Robert Wilson, an internationally acclaimed director, performer, and video artist, brings a rich tapestry of influences to "Kool: Snowy Owl (Horizontal Blue)." Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the piece references the owl associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The “Owl of Athena” has been a symbol of knowledge and discernment throughout the Western world. Wilson's video portraits seamlessly blend mythology, art history, and popular culture, creating a symbolic representation of knowledge and discernment.

Originally presented in 2013 at ONASSIS STEGI, in Athens, Greece, Wilson's series of 43 video portraits, including "Kool, Snowy Owl (Horizontal Blue)," transcends traditional artistic boundaries. These works synthesize film, theater, painting, and music, offering a contemporary exploration of conveying and perceiving images. As Wilson describes it, this series serves as a document of our time—a collection of what he calls “a document of our time. They are what I call portraits.” These worlds, which unfurl themselves on endless loops, are inhabited by artists, animals, intellectuals, actors, and roles, and are characterized by colors of exceptional clarity and psychedelic intensity, long duration, suggestive texts, and distinctive music scores.

"Kool, Snowy Owl (Horizontal Blue)" takes its place in the permanent collection at Hotel Columbia, engaging with visitors in a constant, almost commonplace interaction. Now, as a cherished part of Hotel Columbia's artistic landscape, this masterpiece continues to captivate and inspire, inviting guests to explore the intersection of tradition, symbolism, and contemporary artistic expression. Experience the allure of "Kool: Snowy Owl (Horizontal Blue)" as it transforms the lobby into a space where art and imagination seamlessly converge.

65-minute high-definition looped video portrait on dedicated screen, 2006.
57 in. x 33 in. mounted above fireplace in lobby common area.